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Pentridge Tours

Pentridge Tours

Getting lost in Pentridge’s infamous past is an easy task; an emotional and notorious history woven tightly in many hearts and minds. While the term Pentridge is synonymous with prison, today, Pentridge’s bluestone walls stand strong with a renewed sense of purpose — as a destination and meeting place.

When the development of Pentridge Prison in Coburg began years ago, questions were raised about the possibility of exploring Pentridge’s heritage buildings. Restoration work, especially involving bluestone, is a time-consuming exercise and to ensure we do justice to the place and narrative on hand, complete care is being taken. There are strong emotional ties to the iconic landmark in Coburg and ensuring this is respected, is a priority.

Tours at Pentridge are scheduled to launch in early 2022, in a year heavily effected by COVID-19, we are intent on delivering a unique and worthy tourism experience at Pentridge. Tours at Pentridge will include a chance to see inside B Division, including the Panopticon reflection garden, A Division, H Division and the Rock Breaking Yards.


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