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Visiting Pentridge

What are Pentridge’s opening hours?

Is Pentridge open on public holidays?

What’s at Pentridge? Where can I find information about businesses at Pentridge?

How can I find opening hours for specific businesses at Pentridge?

Can I bring my dog to Pentridge?

Restoration and Development

Are the heritage buildings being preserved?

What was Pentridge before the new development ?

Centre Management

Where is the Centre Management Office?

Lost and Found

Compliments and Complaints

Transport and Parking

Can we park at Pentridge?

Can I park my bicycle at Pentridge?

What public transport is available to Pentridge?


Are accessible parking spaces available at Pentridge?

Is the Piazza and Shopping Centre accessible for mobility impaired persons?

Residential Sales and Commercial Leasing Enquiries

I’m interested in purchasing an apartment at Pentridge. Who can I contact?

I’m looking for a commercial tenancy at Pentridge. Who can I contact?