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Check-in to a true Pentridge experience

2nd August 2016At Pentridge

TFE Hotels to operate a new Adina Apartment Hotel within Pentridge

Ever wondered what it might be like to stay overnight in a Pentridge prison cell? In a few short years, you may be able to ‘check-in’ for a night.

This week, Shayher Group announced an exciting collaboration with TFE Hotels, with plans to operate an Adina Apartment Hotel on the former Pentridge prison land. The hotel is consistent with that which is contemplated in the State Government approved precinct masterplan of February 2014, and will transition Pentridge into a vibrant and community inclusive destination.

Working with the respected Cox Architecture, the 120-apartment hotel will be designed both adjacent to and within heritage areas of the site. Known for their sensitive respect to heritage preservation, Cox Architecture has already prepared preliminary designs that showcase a contemporary style hotel that protects and is sensitive to the historic aspects of the site, including the original jail cells and bluestone facades.

The design will be a mix of old and new, enabling guests to enjoy the history of the site through respectful design with added hotel comforts. Guests will also have the opportunity to learn and experience aspects of the former prison’s past. Several cells will be preserved in their original state to educate both local and overseas visitors of the rich site history.

The balance between historic and contemporary design will be a paramount priority throughout the process and all invested parties are dedicated to ensuring the history is respected throughout this transition.

TFE hotels to operate a new Adina Apartment Hotel within Pentridge

The Pentridge hotel will bring a new wave of tourism to the area of Coburg, expected to boost local businesses and breathe new life into Coburg and the surrounding suburbs.

Shayher Group’s Anthony Goh, also noted the particular attention being paid to respecting the heritage aspects of the site in a way that the community can embrace.

“This hotel will sensitively reopen this historic asset in a way for the entire community to experience and appreciate. We have challenged Cox Architects to deliver a design that sets a benchmark in sensitive and adaptive reuse and breathes new life into this historic asset, returning it to the public.”

The hotel is planned to open in 2021, pending planning and heritage permits and construction approvals.

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