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From prison to piazza: bringing new life to Pentridge

24th May 2016At Pentridge

The success of Pentridge as a community hub relies on a large-scale redevelopment. But how does that align with preserving its history?

The Pentridge of the future will be a vital hub for Coburg. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, the team at Shayher is working with Heritage Victoria to also preserve the history of this unique place.

Bringing in the experts

Our experience with residential, retail and commercial developments has helped us plan a high quality urban village that seamlessly adapts to and complements the existing character of the site.

To ensure the project is successful we enlisted the help of renowned heritage consultants SHP. Together with SHP director Sue Hodges, we prepared an in-depth strategy that reinterprets the historic aspects of Pentridge for the future throughout the site.

Breathing new life into the bluestone

As part of our vision, Divisions A, B and E, the former wardens building and the administrative building will be adaptively reused as part of the Piazza. We are encouraging boutique restaurants, bars and cafes to establish a presence and bring their passion to Pentridge residents and the wider community.

It is important to note that these establishments will repurpose the existing heritage buildings whilst maintaining their original heritage features. They will be providing their services from a unique position that very few businesses will be afforded: a landmark location with a ready and waiting clientele.

But this is just the beginning. The plan for Pentridge stretches far into the future, with a continued focus on fulfilling community needs while honouring the past.

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