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People At Pentridge

At Pentridge

Coburg’s multicultural community shines strongly through its many local businesses and the people behind them. We wanted Pentridge to represent the same. It gives local businesses a chance to showcase themselves in a location that is truly unique. 

That’s why the ‘People at Pentridge’ series is so important. Getting to know more about your local community, your local business owners and how to support their endeavours. Start a conversation or two with the people behind the businesses at Pentridge, we promise they’d love to have a chat!

Don’t know how exactly to kick start that conversation? Here’s a little peek at what some of the people at Pentridge are saying. Maybe it’ll help give you an idea of how to break the ice.


Mela Patisserie | Meet Mat

Meet Mat from Mela Patisserie in Pentridge Shopping Centre; owner, pâtissier and former accountant. After growing up in East Gippsland, Mat took up a career in accountancy before having what he called, ‘a quarter-life crisis’. He packed his bags for Europe and began training as a pastry chef in Italy and France. 

Mela Patisserie’s signature pastry is the croissant. It is a sourdough pastry that takes 3 days to make – one day to mix and ferment, one day to butter (generously) and the last day to shape and bake! 

The sourdough starter used for all the bread and pastries was also made from scratch, within the walls of Pentridge.

You could say, there’s a little history in every bite.

Cielo Gelateria | Meet Raj

Meet Raj from Cielo Gelateria in Pentridge Shopping Centre. Raj’s favourite flavour is pistachio and although he might be a little biased, he says that Cielo’s pistachio gelato is the best!


Lux Hair | Meet Dijana

Meet Dijana from Lux Hair in Pentridge Shopping Centre. Dijana has been a hairdresser for over 20 years! She loves her job because she can make people feel great about themselves.

It’s not about the hairstyle or the look, it’s about how you feel at the end. I love being able to do that for people. Being able to show someone how amazing and beautiful they are and watching them walk out with a new air of confidence.Dijana, Lux Hair

“There is so much culture, diversity and history in Coburg and the people are beautiful. I’m really happy that we are here and I can’t wait to meet more locals.”

Ritchies IGA Liquor | Meet Sophie

Meet Sophie from Ritchies IGA Liquor in Pentridge Shopping Centre. She is ready to show off the extensive range of beer, wine and spirits that is available at Ritchies IGA Liquor.

Sophia is a budding jazz musician and is currently studying music at VCA. She plays the jazz trumpet and has played at jazz and improv gigs recently with her band, Poet St.

“It’s hard to pick a favourite jazz musician but I’ve been listening to a lot of Australian jazz lately, especially Kennedy Snow (Sonja Horbelt). She is amazing.”

Classic Barber | Meet Hassan

Meet Hassan from Classic Barber in Pentridge Shopping Centre. Classic Barber is a trusted name and has 10 barbers across Melbourne. Hassan has been a barber for the past 12 years and wouldn’t swap it for anything!

“I love my job. It doesn’t really feel like work to me. I get to meet and talk with so many different people and everyone in Coburg has been so friendly and cool. It has such a strong community, I really like that.”

Bountiful Garden Florist | Meet Maria and Naz

Meet Maria and Naz from Bountiful Garden Florist in Pentridge Shopping Centre. Maria is from Spain and has found an incredible love for floristry.

“Making bouquets is relaxing; it’s therapeutic. Everything else, other problems I’m thinking about, all goes on standby when I’m arranging flowers.”

One of Maria’s favourite flowers is the preserved rose which can last up to 10 years!

Naz, on the other hand, prefers dehydrated flowers.

Michael’s Phones | Meet Remone and Saja

Meet Remone and Saja from Michael’s Phones in Pentridge Shopping Centre. Remone is Michael’s brother. He is a mobile phone whizz and can change a smashed screen in less than 10 minutes.

Tao Massage | Meet Connie, Delanna & Mina

Meet Connie, Delanna and Mina from Tao Massage in Pentridge Shopping Centre.

Connie and Delanna have been massaging for most of their lives. Mina has recently started to learn more about Acupressure too.

“It’s amazing being able to make people feel happier in such a short time. Everything is connected in the body and by releasing tension in someone’s back or neck, we can help them have a most comfortable and happier week.”

Zen Homes | Meet Jocelyn

Meet Jocelyn from Zen Homes in Pentridge Shopping Centre. Jocelyn is a self-proclaimed candle addict and is especially a fan of Ecosa’s lotus flower scent. She has the candle, diffuser and hand sanitiser all in the same scent at home!

“The support from the Coburg community has been so great so far and it’s been so amazing having the time to meet people from the area. We stock a lot of Australian brands and we like to offer a place for people to buy locally made products.”

Palace Cinemas | Meet Rena & Nate

Meet Rena and Nate from Palace Cinemas in Pentridge Shopping Centre. As expected, Rena is a massive film buff. But, she’s also spent time on the other side of the screen as an actress too!

Nate is another film buff, also with a real passion for music. He plays the guitar for a 7-piece soul and funk band called Fulton Street. So if you hear any soul and funk over the speakers at Palace, you know that Nate is probably working!

Pelicana | Meet Katie

Meet Katie from Pelicana in Pentridge Shopping Centre. Katie loves fried chicken and even after working at Pelicana in the city for 2 years, she still eats it almost every day! 

Katie is also a casual film photographer, with a slowly growing collection, including a Canon AE1, Olympus OM1, Pentax SP500, Canon Sureshot Z70w and a Reto3D. Although she is very modest, her portfolio is impressive (check out some of her film photos at @k80.analog)!

Jacky Jones | Meet Kathleen & Kiara

Meet Kathleen and Kiara from Jacky Jones in Pentridge Shopping Centre. Kathleen is an avid gardener and studying to become a school teacher!

Kiara has lived in the same house in Coburg her whole life and has seen the suburb grow over the years.

“I was a little shocked when I found out about Pentridge becoming a shopping centre but so excited at the same time. It’s so cool! That’s why I got a job here. I can walk to work and I love the people in the area. I really do love Coburg.”

Lucky Little Dumplings | Meet Vince

Meet some of the amazing team at Lucky Little Dumplings at Pentridge Shopping Centre.

Lucky Little Dumplings is an authentic Chinese restaurant and is fully licensed. Vince (second from the left) is the restaurant manager and he thinks of his team as a big family. His favourite dumplings are the xiaolongbao, also known as the Shanghai Soup Dumplings. And while he might be a little biased, he says that the xiaolongbao at his restaurant are the best in Melbourne.


Ritchies IGA | Meet Merri & Dimitri

Meet Merri and Dimitri from Ritchies IGA at Pentridge Shopping Centre.

Ritchies IGA has an amazing range of fresh fruit and vegetables and there is no shortage of everything else too, from gourmet cheeses and meats to gelato and rice noodles! An easy spot to do your weekly shop and with 3 hours of free parking, what more could you want? Open 7 days a week from 7AM to 9PM.

See you at Pentridge!