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Restoring work begins on A Division

25th August 2016Heritage

$2 million restoration project brings back 1800’s glory 

In accordance with the long-term Masterplan for the adaptive reuse of Pentridge, Shayher Group have commenced work in restoring the heritage assets on site, committing over $2 million to the restoration project.

The work includes restoring six guard towers around the entire site, the historic rock breaking years and re-roofing the Division A building to stop leaks and remove existing damage. The work is expected to cost over $2 million and will ensure these heritage assets are preserved and remain historically accurate for generations to come.

The current restoration work on the roof of Division A commenced under the direction of leading heritage builders, JBM Group. This work is of particular significance, as the building has not seen any restoration since the 1800s. While the Pentridge site has endured many changes throughout its 166-year history, JBM Group will be working to restore the roof to its original glory. A tender process is currently underway for the work on the six guard towers and rock-breaking yards with a view to commencing works towards the end of 2016.

This restoration work comes after several years of committed archaeological excavations and research to uncover and protect any of the site’s artifacts and original building footings. It has also been carefully researched to ensure it is conducted accurately to respect the site’s past.

The Pentridge site is set to evolve in the coming years and will combine both heritage buildings and modern architecture to create a community inclusive site. Shayher Group is committed to ensuring the heritage aspects of Pentridge are both restored and protected throughout this process. All existing historic buildings will be retained for public use, enabling new generations to explore the history in their bluestone walls for years to come.

Follow the JBM Group’s progress on their Instagram account.

Restoration work on Division A at Pentridge